What sets us apart from other hosting platforms is the fact that we make up for other hosters lack of tech support.

We provide some of the best hosting prices on the market



Tier One: Two Year Plan

Starting at just 14.99 per month you could take full advantage of our Two Year Plan.


Tier Two: One Year Plan

At just $16.99 per month you can have access to a full years worth of hosting availability.


Tier Three: One Month Plan

At $19.99 a month you will have cheap and reliable hosting availability that beats other hosting competitors’ prices. Try us out.

How we work


Our Priority

Our top priority is you the customer. What sets Foundry Integrations apart from all else is our hyper focus on your care after the fact.


Difference Maker

Upon purchase of Foundry Integrations hosting service, customers are being guaranteed options that insure fast and steady performance after their purchase. Unlike other host providers who sell you space on their servers and it ends there, our developers, who for next to no cost, make themselves available after the purchase in order insure optimal execution. These options come in the form of fast speeds, low latency, and best of all administration.


What we mean by Administration

Often after purchasing hosting space there are issues that come up. There are many instances of trouble with WordPress instillation, issues data base performance, and more. Where our developers play a vital role is when these instances occur. We, unlike other hosting services trouble shoot issues

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